Student Programs

Welcome Students!

"A Passion for Patient Care" is more than a saying – it’s the essence of who we are and what we do each day. Columbia St. Mary’s is committed to providing high quality, accessible and values-driven care that encompasses the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Columbia St. Mary’s proudly partners with schools to help students achieve their educational goals. We are committed to providing quality and meaningful field placement to motivated students to help inspire and enhance their learning experience, in hopes they might become part of Columbia St. Mary’s vision and future.

There are five main ways for students to get the CSM Learning Experience:

1. Inroads
2. Intern/Extern
3. Shadow
4. Student Nurse
5. Volunteer



The mission of the Inroads program is to “develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership”.  The advantage of the program for employers is that it provides a unique, talented group of minority college-bound students as a means of diversifying the workforce.For more information, e-mail Kim Easley at keasely@columbia-stmarys.org, or visit the Inroads website.


An intern/extern is a student undergoing supervised practical training without pay, usually for a semester for school credit and to meet graduation requirements. Students must go through their schools and should NOT be contacting CSM directly for internships. If students contact you regarding an internship, please direct them back to their school advisor (unless they are inquiring about a shadow experience, see below).In order for a student to intern at CSM, the following steps must take place:

Step 1. Master Affiliation Agreement Between CSM and School

Check with Human Resources to ensure active agreement with the school is on file or to initiate contract  process, please e-mail Gail Smith at gail.smith@columbia-stmarys.org.

Step 2. Student Compliance Checklist

This step is done entirely by the school education coordinator and student.  The Compliance Checklist must be completed and signed by the school and returned to CSM Human Resources prior to placement. Information and forms to complete student mandates can be found on the CSM Student Requirements webpage.

Student placement mandates must be completed prior to start of semester:

Semester Deadlines:

  • Fall - July 15th
  • Spring - November 15th
  • Summer - May 15th

Additional note: School education coordinators should fully understand terms outlined in the Master Affiliation Agreement. If necessary, copy of Master Affiliation Agreement can be forwarded to school education coordinators.

Step 3. Internship

Once the student is onboard, the CSM Manager/Coordinator is responsible for student department orientation and two performance reviews (unless specified otherwise through the school or the school instructors are onsite).

3. SHADOW (Click here for Shadow Experience ONLY form)  

This is when a student “shadows”, or watches over, a professional in an area of expertise for a limited number of hours. Unlike a lengthier internship program, students must contact CSM staff directly with whom they wish to observe. The preceptor then has student read and sign the (1) Authorization for Shadow Experience and (2) Standards of Conduct. Completed forms should be kept with preceptor during the experience. After the shadow experience has been completed, forward all documentation to the Office Center Human Resources Department, Student Programs.

In order for a student to intern at CSM, the following steps must take place:


Student nurses from area schools of nursing gain clinical experience in many of the CSM patient care areas. CSM values the opportunity to work with these students in building their skills and confidence in a healthcare setting. Student nurses have clinical experiences as part of a clinical group or participate in individual senior precepted experiences. Both of these experiences are to be arranged by the schools of nursing and individual calls will not be accepted. Clinical experiences are assigned at an annual meeting. Notification will be sent to the clinical coordinators of the schools of nursing.

Senior precepted experience requests should be sent by the schools clinical coordinator by:

  • Spring - November 1st
  • Summer - April 1st
  • Fall - August 1st
Click here for a copy of the form. Forward requests to:

Nursing Student Programs
Human Resources
4425 N. Port Washington Road
Glendale, Wisconsin 53212
Or fax: (414) 326-2603




This is a person who performs a service willingly and without pay. These are CSM’s valued and treasured volunteers who come through the Volunteer Department.  Interested individuals should contact the Volunteer Department to receive an application to begin the process.